Data Engineer

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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Data Engineer

About this job

Are you a data engineer who enjoys setting up, developing and creating production-ready data science applications? Do you like building systems from scratch? Does designing data pipelines that ensure high-quality data science products excite you? If you answer “yes” to these questions, then we’ve got the perfect job for you!

Our main goal at Wonderkind is to make our system self-learning and we need you to help us reach this goal. We use data from different sources like Facebook and Google to automatically optimize our campaigns and profiles. Besides this, we are creating new business models where good predictions are essential.

Your role

You'll work together with our growing analytics and product team to create data science applications and place them in production within our systems. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the models we develop are running in production using the data product that you’ve built.

Your qualifications

  • Experience and deep knowledge in computer science, computer engineering, or another relevant technical field.

  • At least two years of relevant experience in software development, (big) data engineering, or data science.

  • You know your way around Linux/Unix systems.

  • Python holds no surprises for you.

  • You’ve built and maintained a (big) data pipeline before.

  • You run your containers in Docker/Kubernetes on GCP or AWS.

  • Experience with building and maintaining API’s and/or Web applications.

  • You’re passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning.

It’d be also great if:

  • You’ve hands-on experience with distributed systems.

  • You’re a MySQL expert or have broad experience with other SQL databases.

  • You enjoy working in a fast-growing scale up.

About Wonderkind

Your team

You’ll be part of a talented team of data scientists, designers and developers, led by a skilled product owner. Your team’s challenge is to build the most innovative recruitment technology worldwide.

To accomplish this goal, you’ll work Scrum style, in two-week sprints. Every morning, you’ll share your progress in team stand-ups, discuss challenges, and set goals for the day. Together, you’ll keep development and data science rolling smoothly, and progress consistent.

Our culture

We’re a young, easygoing, yet ambitious company that’s growing fast (named Startup of the Year in 2017 by Sprout!)

We work in beautiful offices at Zeemagazijnkade, in Amsterdam. Our office doors are open from 8:00 – 20:00, so you can start early, or work late, depending on your internal clock. Wonderkind is a scale up, so you’ll need to be flexible with your time. Let’s be honest, scale up life can be chaotic at times! But, you can rely on 60 smart, talented colleagues to get you through the chaos.


Our mission

Wonderkind believes in hiring people based on what they truly love to do. That’s why we build tech that helps companies reach people using social media, Google, websites, and apps.


What we do

We use hypertargetting to attract talent based on their interests, and what they do online. In other words, we match people to jobs based on what makes them happy. And that, in turn, makes us happy! Our award-winning platform is the world’s first fully-automated software based on artificial intelligence. Together, we want to change the recruitment industry with Wonderkind.


Our perks

  • An office gym and complimentary kickboxing classes

  • Friday afternoon drinks with an excellent selection of specialty beers

  • Healthy, tasty lunches

  • A beautiful office space

  • Possibility for career, and personal, growth and development