We inspire millions to do the job they really love

We're always looking for people interested in making a difference

By joining Wonderkind, you join a revolution

We’re on a mission to help people find purpose in their professional life.

Our mission translated into our technology is turning the world of recruitment upside-down. We are on our way towards making the recruitment process as easy as booking a trip. To make all of that happen we need to find the right one-of-a-kinds.

If that’s you, join us!

Imagination is key for innovation and innovation drives us every day

For one day every year, we spend a day imagining what the future of Wonderkind could possibly look like.

Our Values at Wonderkind

You'll find these values living in our culture at Wonderkind - They help us to move forward every single day in a way that helps us all individually and as a team to grow and be better every day.

We get things done

We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on innovative solutions, and we arrive every day inspired to make that positive impact.

We get things done

We empower the Wonderkind

We encourage our people to embrace change as we constantly learn and try new things. We constantly look for opportunities for growth, for both our employees and clients. We like to have fun, but we’re serious about data-driven results.

We empower the Wonderkind

We bring value everyday

We expect Wonderkind employees to avoid wasting time on minor issues and focus on delivering data-driven value to our customers and on huge challenges to revolutionize the way candidates find their new dream job.

We bring value everyday
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We inspire millions to do the job they love. What inspired our people to do what they love

To find what you love to do, you need to connect with who you are and what makes you happy. We asked our people at Wonderkind who they were growing up and what inspired them on their journey to do what they do now. These are their stories:

    Daan van Dijk

    Partner Success Manager

    Stepan Isaenco

    Product Data Analyst

    Iryna Bykova

    Lead Product Designer


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Wouter van Nierop: our CTO

As we grow, our customers grow too. Scalable technology is critical for our success. We asked Wouter a few questions about how he's helping to build a scaleable technology platform.

1:1 with our CTO Wouter van Nierop

What's the stack and why?


What are we creating at Wonderkind/ how will developers create IMPACT?

We are building software that supports the core-business of Wonderkind. Engineers in the team first and foremost need to understand what that means to make sound decisions on where to focus our best and most scarce resources.

What challenges can developers expect

We're redesigning parts of our core application from the ground up to support the ambitions of the company. Seasoned engineers get to use their skills and expertise in software engineering to help us put best practices and principles in place. The more junior engineer can learn from the members currently in the team (6 atm) who have combined over 100 years of experience in software and IT related fields and know what good looks like.

What's your leadership style/philosophy?

I've always been passionate about IT and software in particular for the last decade. I'm a strong believer of agile methodology, but I don’t follow any implementation of it religiously.

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The provision of this personal data is therefore a necessary condition to complete the application process.

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For more information on how we process your personal data, we would like to refer you to our privacy policy.

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